Buck Natural is an all natural deer attractant that’s the result of over 60 years experience in producing special genetic corn strains. We hand cross the corn, taking pollen from one type of corn and pollinating the silks on another to produce the crossed ears. By crossing these corns, we are producing a really sweet corn that deer go nuts for. Each year's harvest is all that’s available for the making of Buck Natural. This means Buck Natural is available in limited quantities.

We were told hunters liked to know that the product was nutritious and wouldn’t hurt the deer populations. We also added wheat to our corn to give it some additional nutritional value, kept to all natural ingredients, and the ingredients for our product are processed cracked instead of in powdered form so Buck Natural doesn’t clump and harden when wet. And that is what makes Buck Natural special!





Keith Davis
Having hunted a piece of property for six years, this hunter added Buck Natural to his hunting routine and here is what he said. "That stuff really works and the fact that it is cracked and not in a powdered form that gets hard and nasty when wet (it had been raining earlier that morning) makes it even better!" The day he ...
Johnnie Hudman
"I have used the Buck Natural attractant for both whitetail and mule deer. I tried it in areas where I had fed before and both species preferred the Buck Natural to regular deer corn and also protein pellets. I have also used the product on areas that were not fed previously and attracted deer to those areas as well. I ...
Craig Winters
"I used Buck Natural in an area outside the window of my ranch home. Within an hour, the deer were eating the Buck Natural. I will be using this product again"- Craig Winters, Nail Ranch Adventures, Albany, TX
Mark Kayser
"Whether I'm trying to entice a monster buck to show itself for a trail camera moment or tag a buck in a state that allows baiting, I choose Buck Natural. Hands down deer fall for the feed’s unique taste, even sidestepping others grains for a Buck natural treat. Try it. You won't believe the difference."- Mark Kayser, ...
Luke Clayton
"I've used all types of baits/attractants but have never found anything that comes close to Buck Natural. I hunt a patch of white oaks near my home and the acorn crop is extremely heavy this year; the ground is covered with them. On every hunt, I've had deer walk through the acorns to eat my Buck Natural. I don't plan to ...
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Field Tested


Buck Natural is an all natural deer attractant that’s the result of over 60 years experience in producing special genetic corn strains. These special corns are used in education to teach the concepts of genetics to students. As part of our harvesting process over the years, any culls from the crop were given to local hunters to use for deer hunting. These hunters kept reporting that the deer went nuts for certain strains of this corn and the hunters were contacting us each season to find out when the corn would be ready.


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